Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trading in the Stock Market

As inspired from my recent ICT training, I have been learning the online stock market. Honestly, it's difficult to understand it. I'm having a nose bleed. It's like of a different world. Do I need a marketing/commerce background to really understand this? Maybe with self-study I will be able to understand it in one year continuous research. Or am I just exaggerating?

Am glad there is Citiseconline. The free seminar I attended with them was really helpful. Plus, the resource person was very generous in sharing his knowledge and tips to the stock market. Congratulations Citisec for the public service of informing a range of people on stock market.

Another inspiration to update this blog came from Janette herself. Did she check all the newly created blogspot from the ICT training? Well, I admire her consistency to encourage us to maximize the cyber world. I am grateful to all our resource speakers who made time and shared us their cybernetic knowledge.

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kay jd said...

hi adet,
just want to greet you happy happy birthday yesterday (july 31). i had a hectic day and i forgot to call you at your landline inupssprf.

hope we can see each other. i made you a bracelet for your special day.
please keep i touch.