Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day's Learning

May 22, 2008

Ang dami na talagang natututunan...nanalo pa ako ng philippineinternetreview yahow! Nakilala namin si sexy mom na nagpakilala ng filipina images. Visit these two new sites and share with your friends global wide. Ipinapakita dito ang kaibahan ng mga pili(pinay).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog of 2008

This is my entry for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog of 2008.

This is my top 10 list:
What I like about this blog? It is something about the environment and our spirituality. This is the first of its kind in Oriental Mindoro. Its church has responded to the signs of the time by taking its advocacy in the cyber space.

2. Blog ni Inday!
I like to laugh especially at the end of a very tiring day. Laughing makes the world much lighter.

3. You Got Tech
This blog is helpful especially for the non-techies.

4. Creative Curio
Another techy blog for not so techies. I like to take photos and this blog is a help enhance my skills in digital photos and in other graphical ideas.

5. Gather Little by Little
The incentive given is encouraging no matter how small it is.

6. Anak ni Kulapo
Am like reading Bob Ong - easy reading yet funny short stories

7. VisitSagada
Wow! Picutres galore. The blog looks so refreshing and enticing. Informative also for tourists both local and international.

8. ScubaDoggy
It's my frustration to scuba dive. Instead I'll just visit this blog to view some scubadoggy sites.

9. Ask Michael Curry Now
It's about business! A bit of tips but helpful in some ways for me.

10. Camina-Resurreccion Nuptials
A blogspot created by my friend for their up coming wedding. I had fun reading the start of their life together.

Day's Learning

May 21, 2008

Sobra akong nasiyahan sa Google Notebook. Dati mano-mano ang aking pag-copy paste ng quote at ng web reference. Hay mas madali ng mag-research ngayon. Ang galing nito...Madami pa pala akong dapat ma-explore sa gmail at sa google.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day's Learning

May 19, 2008
ICT Training

First Topic - Ecommerce by Gwen Nava
- ecommerce - all transactions including emailing, SMS, faxing
- mentoring - upload training materials and modules, blogging
- blog - online journal
- online branch
- PC penetration - how many has pc and internet connections at home?
- DSL - dial sa landline

Additional from the grape bunch:
DSL's real meaning is Digital Subscriber Line which technically means = technology transmits data over phone lines without interfering with voice service. ;)

The "Dial Sa Landline" is actually "Dial Up", masked as DSL which is meant to be a joke. Apologies for not being clear here.. :) May 19, 2008 9:06 AM - with gmail account

Consideration for creating a website:
- appearance - appealing to the eyes, not clutered, details of the site
- technicality - user's expereince
- line of products - focused, not too overwhelming to the user
- marketing point - what will be the consideration in marketing the site?
- functionality - must be based on a business plan on what works and what not
- market niche
- expereince
- administration
- domain name (name of the site)- cohesive with the services provided
- hosting - line, e.g. pldt
- sig-up with all the dots to ensure that all domain names are consistent with the products/services
- check domain name at

.com - commerce
.org - organization
.net - network
.biz - business - blogger

for comparison of sites for services, visit the following sites:
- the grape bunch
- absolute traders
- citiseconline